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Medal "For Allocating the banners of the Bulgarian Military in 1881"

Date established: 30th August/11th September 1881

Number of classes: one

Being awarded for: to a small number of people, as a commemoration of the allocation of the first Bulgarian military banners

Shape and dimensions: Circular, 20mm in diameter, with a Hessen crown suspension mounted on top.

Ribbon: Narrow, red in colour

Obverse: The royal cypher of Prince Alexander I encircled by two twigs – a laurel on the left and an oak on the right, bound together with a ribbon at the bottom.

Reverse: The following text in Bulgarian language: “1881 30 АВГУСТЪ ВЪ СПОМѢНЪ НА РАЗДАВАНИЕТО ЗНАМЕНАТА НА БЪЛГАРСКАТА ВОЙСКА” / translation: 1881 30 August In commemoration of the Allocation of Banners to the Bulgarian military /, written on seven lines.

The commemorative medal “For the Allocation of the Banners in 1881” is one of the rarest Bulgarian awards. It has been established and minted in order to mark the notable occasion – the allocation of the first military banners to the newly established Bulgarian army.

The official ceremony took place on 30th August/11 September 1881 in Sofia where the Bulgarian monarch personally awarded the medal to its recipients – the senior officers of the Bulgarian Army, regimental commanders, flag bearers and possibly cabinet ministers.

Taking into account the high quality of the medal, we can assume that it has been minted in Austo-Hungary.