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The most frequently asked questions are...

Q: "Why are there only decorations from the Royal period?"

The idea was to focus on a particular historical period, rather than on all Bulgarian decorations, in general.

Q: "I have got a medal (order, etc.). Where do I sell it for a good price?"

It depends on several things - the condition of the decoration, it's emission (i.e. how rare it is), supporting documents, cases etc. (if any). Lower classes, which are wide-spread in the market, can be sold to your local antique shop or online (like eBay). Higher classes (rare decorations) with supporting documents and cases are usually sold at auction houses where a more advanced collectors' interest is focused.

Q: "I have a more specific question. Would you be able to answer it?"

Please, use the Ask your questions section.

Q: "Why are you not showing/describing any examples of the so called Regency or early Republican periods?"

Becasue during those times the national system of distinctions is deeply influenced by politics and its purpose and dedication are deeply controversial.

Q: "Why are you not showing any awarding documents/certificates or cases/boxes?"

This is currently under consideration and might be implemented too. The problem is that these items are even less common and it's hard to produce a quality images to post in here. Have you got any to share?

Q: "What are your sources of information?"

Unfortunately, the literature on this topic is limited. We've been using books written by Todor Pertov, Prof. Petko Pavlov, Prince Romanoff and the advise of a number of specialists on Bulgarian decorations.

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