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About this website

BulgarianDecorations.com has been created as a free and easy-to-use source of information, providing materials and info about the orders, medals and honorary distinctions of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to improve the knowledge of the general public and share interesting information about this particular historical period.

We have initiated the creation of the website nearly two years prior to its official start. However, we're still working hard in order to improve the information and share even more interesting facts and pictures with the public. In this regard, we'd like to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to the current project. If you'd like to help us too, please get in touch. This will be most appreciated.

As indicated on the title page, BulgarianDecorations.com has been dedicated to the current Grand Master of Bulgarian orders His Majesty King Simeon II. Detailed information about King Simeon II and His family can be found on the royal website as well as on the website of the "King Boris III and Queen Giovanna" - Royal Palace of Vrana Fund.

In the section "Orders" you will be able to read and see examples of the Bulgarian orders, which have been awarded from 1880 until 1943 and also during the years of King Simeon II's exile.

The "Distinctions" section is dedicated to the honorary badges of Royal Bulgaria.

Under "Medals" are listed all the official medals of the Kingdom, while a small portion of the unofficial ones is featured in the "More" division of the webpage.

"More" is divided into four sub-sections. The first one contains several photographs of individuals (including Monarchs and members of their family), displaying one or more of their decorations. Section number two explains in detail the correct way of displaying and arranging the awards, while the last two sub-pages show special diamond issues of the Bulgarian orders and rare unofficial and table medals.

The page labelled "PDF" contains downloadable PDFs with information on Royal Bulgarian awards and related materials.

Lastly, the "FAQ" page is set to answer your questions about the website. However, if you have got a more specific enquiry, please visit the "Ask your questions" page.