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Medal "25 years since the April uprising of 1876"

Date established: 19th April/ 2nd May 1901

Number of classes: one

Being awarded for: to all living veterans, for their participation in the April uprising

Shape and dimensions: circular, 34mm in diameter

Ribbon: red, edged with green and white stripes on both sides

Obverse: A crowned lion rampant with the motto of the insurgent and the day of its start: “СВОБОДА ИЛИ СМЪРТЬ + 20 АПРИЛИЙ 1876 Г.“ / translation: Freedom or death + 20 April 1876 /, inscribed in a semi-circle beneath it. A decorative ring, made up of alternating floral elements and rectangular plates is depicted along the edge, with each of the five plates bearing a name of a town, which took major part in the revolt: ПЕРУЩИЦА, КЛИСУРА, БАТАКЪ, КОПРИВЩИЦА and ПАНАГЮРИЩЕ.

Reverse: The following verse by the Bulgarian poet Hristo Botyov: “ТОЗЪ КОЙТО ПАДНЕ ВЪ БОЙ ЗА СВОБОДА, ТОЙ НЕ УМИРА” / translation: They, who have fallen while fighting for their freedom, shall never die” /, depicted on six lines, with a laurel branch beneath it. Circumscribed is: ФЕРДИНАНДЪ Iй КНЯЗЬ БЪЛГАРСКИЙ НА ПОБОРНИЦИТѢ. 20 АПРИЛИИ 1901 Г. / translation: Ferdinand Ist Knyaz (Prince) of Bulgaria [Gift] To the insurgents [veterans] . 20 April 1901 /, the two sections being separated via four-pointed stars.

The Commemorative medal for the 25th anniversary has been founded by a royal decree, in order to distinguish all the veterans, who participated in the glorious events of the spring of 1876.

The first decorations were made personally by the Prince Himself, during the official ceremony held in the town of Panagyurishte in April. The rest of the medals have been distributed to the local Veterans’ organisations, in order to be awarded to the living participant in the insurgent.

This medal is the first one which has been designed and manufactured in Bulgaria (apart from the dies which have been made abroad). The engraver was Boris Schatz and the whole mintage was fulfilled by the Nikola Sabev’s jewellery factory.