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Prince/King Ferdinand I's awards

Ferdinand I

Young prince Ferdinand, wearing the early type of the breast star of the Order "For Bravery", along with the necklace and breast star of the Order of St. Alexander with crossed swords above the badge.

Ferdinand I

Prince Ferdinand wearing the later type of the breast star of the Order "For Bravery", the First class badge with skulls and bones of the same order, St. Alexander breast star and other high-ranking foreign orders.

Ferdinand I

Prince Ferdinand, photographed around 1896, displaying the breast star and First class neck badge of the Military Order "For Bravery" and Russian, Ottoman, Savoy and German high-ranking orders.

Ferdinand I

The Bulgarian Monarch wearing a generals' uniform of the 9th Infantry regiment. Displayed are the first and fourth classes of the Military Order, honourary distinction for the 80th anniversary of Princess Clementine (in gold) and other foreign orders.

Ferdinand I

Official portrait of The Ruler of Bulgaria, displaying some of his highest foreign honours.

Ferdinand I

Bulgarian King Ferdinand I in a uniform of the Royal Guards regiment. He's pictured wearing the Grand necklace of the Order of SS Cyril and Methodius (along with its star), the Grand cross sash and first class neck badge of the Order "For Bravery" and many other foreign orders (some adorned with diamonds).

List of some of Prince/King Ferdinand I's decorations:


       Order of SS Cyril and Methodius

       Military Order "For Bravery"

       Royal Order of St. Alexander

       Order of Civil Merit

       Order of Military Merit

German Empire

       Order of the Black eagle - Grand Cross

       Order of the Red Eagle - Grand Cross

       Imperial Military order of the Iron cross

       Pour le Merite with oak leaves (Military division)

       Order of Saint John (Ignore Order)

       Saxe-Ernestine House order - Collar and Grand Cross with diamonds

       Order of the Wendish Crown

       Military Merit cross (Mecklenburg)

       Hessen Order of Philip the Magnanimous

       Saxon Military Order of St. Henry

       Oldenburg Friedrich August cross - II class

       Bavarian Order of St Hubert - Grand Cross

Austro-Hungarian Empire

       Order of the Golden Fleece

       Order of St. Stephan - Collar and Grand cross with diamonds

       Military order of Maria Theresia - Grand cross

       Military Merit cross with war distinction - I class

       Order of Vitez

British Empire

       The Most Honourable Order of the Bath - Collar and Grand Cross

       Royal Victorian Order

Russian Empire

       Order of St. Andrew - Collar and Grand Cros

       Order of St. Alexander Nevsky - Grand Cross with diamonds

       Order of the White Eagle - Grand Cross

       Order of St. Vladimir - Grand Cross

       Order of St. Anna

       Order of St. Stanislav


       Order of Holy Spirit

       Order of the Legion of Honour - Grand Cross

       Monaco Order of St. Charles - Grand Cross

       Order of The Academic palms - Gold class

Ottoman Empire

       High Order of Honour 

       Gallipoli star (Iron Crescent)

Kingdom of Italy

       Order of the Holy Annunciation

       Order of St Maurice and Lazarus

       Constantine Military order of St George - Grand cross

       Order of St Januarius - Grand cross

Kingdom of Belgium

       Order of Leopold - Grand Cross

Kingdom of Romania

       Order of Carol I - Collar and Grand Cross

Kingdom of Portugal

       Military Order of the Tower and the Sword - Collar and Grand Cross

       Order of the Christ and St Benedict of Aviz - Grand Cross

Kingdom of Sweden

       Order of the Seraphim

Kingdom of Denmark

       Order of the White Elephant

Empire of Brazil

       Order of the Rose

       Order of the Southern Cross

Principality of Montenegro

       Order of Prince Danilo I - Grand Cross

Kingdom of Yugoslavia

       Order of the Cross of Takovo

       Order of the Star of Karađorđe


       Military order of St John of Jerusalem (Maltese order)

The Vatican

       Order of Pope Pius IX

Persian Empire

       Order of the Aqdas

       Order of the Lion and the Sun - Grand Cross

Medals and other decorations

       Cross for XX years of faithful service

       Marian Cross of the German Knight Order

       Lippe-Schaumburg Loyal Service Cross